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One of the best-known brands in the world of vaping and alchemy, thanks to its excellent vaping bases and aromas, they allow us to make our own liquids in a simple and economical way.

Oil4vap has a great variety of Vaping Aromas , nicovaps of all compositions and of premium qualities.

Oil4vap unlike the competition, always tries to surprise with its latest news, providing great facility for lovers of Alchemy.

Oil4vap Fast4Vap Base Pack 200ml
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Here comes the solution for those who are tired of waiting days and nights for your favorite liquids to marinate. The new formula of Oil4Vap Fast4Vap ultra-fast maceration now available in Vape Bazaar so that your liquids macerate in a matter of seconds.
Oil4vap Fast4Vap Base Pack 1L
Product available with different options
This pack includes a base and nicokit to achieve a total of 1 liter and the level of nicotine you want 1,5mg, 3mg. add your favorite aroma, shake it energetically and enjoy the liquid.