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Nasty Juice is a nice E liquid brand, based in Malaysia. It exploded onto the vape scene in 2015 founded by Pak Din and his best partner, Mr. Loque. The Nasty Juice adventure has started at Vapex International Malaysia 2015 with the aim of creating a vulgar global business and offering the best value-for-money products to vapers.

Today, Nasty Juice products have had an undeniable impact on the vaping industry. The industry is very young and growing rapidly, which is why at Nasty Juice it is always up to date with current trends and designs.

The goal of nasty juice is to maximize customer satisfaction, a goal that demands not only the best products, but also the highest quality technologies and services.

[Sales] Nasty Salt Bad Blood 10ml
Nasty Salt Bad Blood offers a perfect combination of fresh berries and berries, dominated by delicious black currants. ⚡️ Fast delivery 24 hours
[Sales] Nasty Salt Silver Blend 10ml
Product available with different options
The liquid ⭐️ Silver Blend from Nasty Juice Salts ⭐️ combines the classic flavor of tobacco with sweet, smooth and delicious hints of vanilla, creating a creamy mixture that will make you fall in love.